Crossfit Training Program for A Healthier Heart And Leaner Body

There are several links between the health of your heart and your level of fitness. The basic connection is what happens at your cellular level within your muscles during physical activities that CrossFit training programs strengthen.

To simplify the process, in fact, to oversimplify the process, during any physical motions your cells require oxygen and nutrients to function, and they need to rid themselves of carbon dioxide and waste.

Your heart handles most of the load to carry oxygen and nutrients to your cells and waste and carbon dioxide away. Regular exercise increases cellular efficiency and strengthens all your muscles including your heart. This increased cellular efficiency translates to leaner bodies and less fat including bad cholesterol.

What is a CrossFit workout program?

Greg Glassman, a coach and former gymnast in Santa Cruz, California, conceived of CrossFit in 1996 and incorporated it in 2000. Many Crossfit training programs carry elements of gymnastics. However, cross fitness workouts attempt to combine movements from different sports and exercise programs to improve every aspect of physical fitness. Those who follow these programs sculpt their bodies, improve their strength, increase their stamina, and make their heart stronger.

Greg Glassman began the process by posting daily workout routines or what he called, “the workout of the day.” Originally, Firefighters, police offers, and members of the military started following it. As its popularity increased, so did its diversity.

Glassman’s aimed to create a total body fitness that was progressive and multidimensional. Think of running for example. It is a one-dimensional movement that creates many imbalances in the body including stiffness, rotational challenges, and upper body weakness.

On the other hand, take traditional weight lifting which falls short on stamina. You can expand on this problem. Those who pull, cannot push well. Those who squat cannot do pull ups well, and so on.

A multidimensional cross-discipline exercise program should at least, in theory, help you do everything you need to do in daily living and make your body fit in a comprehensive way.

Cross-training workouts & Muscle Confusion Principles

Those who have watched Tony Horton from Beachbody talk about how his muscle confusion principle in his 10 Minute Trainer ® or P90 X ® series may believe this is unique. This concept has been around since the time of gladiators. Crossfit workouts follow the same process by not having a set routine.

Each workout varies a little, and you challenge your neuromuscular connections in learning and trying new moves. This continuous learning does wonders to keep boredom away and increase your body’s fitness in multiple areas including flexibility, strength, stamina, and cardiovascular efficiency.

There are however some very challenging hallmark CrossFit moves that take a lot of dedication and practice to perform. For example muscle-up, chest-to-bar-pullups, and Kipping.

Basic Workout Routines

The basic routines include fast motion or high-intensity exercises with a lot of load or both in the following formats.

• Lifting
• Pulling
• Pushing
• Crawling
• Running
• Twisting

Each session works the whole body intensely because of high speed and high load goals of exercises.

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